Thursday, 20 December 2012

#ThankfulThursday getting excited

Firstly I am sorry for the radio silence recently, time has been filled with Christmas dooo's, (three in three days was a bit much last weekend) work and preparing for our trip to Cambodia.

Secondly (clears throat)- This is a public service announcement, all of my posts for the next three weeks/month will be about Cambodia and will be very sporadic. I should be able to keep you all up dated with our adventures but don't panic if I don't check in too often, I am hoping to be busy either helping, teaching, outreaching, shopping, eating, playing, swimming, hanging with Jane and Greg or reading/sunbathing. (I have never before had the luxury of a winter tan -(I am going to be really careful in the sun, we have 4 different types of sun cream, but no matter how much sun cream I usually get some tan))

So this is meant to be a #ThankfulThursday post so lets get back to that...

I am thankful that I have the luxury of going to Cambodia, and that I have had a few months to get so excited about it! When I was growing up, every holiday we went on my Dad impressed on us how great it is to look forward to something and that the run up to the holiday is almost half of the holiday.

So now getting excited about holidays is something I am quite good at.

I will sign off with a few of the items on our today list for tomorrow:

Deliver Pigwidgeon (our hamster) to Rachel's (official Hamster sitter for the Christmas period) house
Use up/ give away perishable food
Clean the house (I like to return to a clean house, it makes coming home less stressful)
Clean the fish tank
Attend Christmas Soiree (I actually wrote that)

There are many more things on the list but you are probably already bored.
Sorry this post is a little rambling, has no picture or specific point and has many ().

Merry Christmas

Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmassy photography

 Sunday Evening I went to a carol concert at Christ Church, the church I used to attend until I moved to St. Paul's so Jamie and I could be a part of the same church community. It was lovely going back for a visit to see some familiar faces, say hello, sing wonderful carols and take the opportunity to practice my low light photography.

I obviously didn't take the first one of me and the lovely ladies; Abbie, Jen and Sarah.

The Choir

Abbie would like it noted that these balls were fun to cup (innuendo her own) hee hee.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Just not feeling it...

I have a problem, must definitely a first world problem, but it is troubling all the same...

It doesn't feel like Christmas!!!

I am one of those terribly annoying people that gets really excited about Christmas, the presents, the carols, the worshipping and celebrating the most life changing event in human history.

But this year I am not feeling it, I can't seem to 'get in the spirit'.  Maybe this is what being a 'proper' adult feels like -not getting over excited about good and definitely exciting things. I always felt that the defining 'proper adult' thing would be not wanting to lick the bowl and spoon after making a cake. (I still do that, yes, every time and NO I have never been ill because of it, raw eggs- shmeggs)

I have decided I am not ready to not get excited about exciting things - such as Christmas - so to help me, (and you if you are feeling the same way) here are some awesome videos I found through facebook and youtube) 

This one is HILARIOUS

 Linus says it best

Christmas in a nutshell

Through finding these videos I realised that I have been wanting the wrong thing, I wanted that fuzzy excitement about presents, spending time with family and friends, good food and singing nice songs but really the thing I should be excited about is the ever present reality of Jesus and the impact he has had on my life and the world. Without Him, everything would be different. The excitement of Advent should be that we are ever waiting expectantly and excitedly for His return. Now that is exciting! (and a bit scary)

I didn't realise I was going to say all that. God convicted me as I typed, wanting the excitement of Christmas is not what it is about.

For us Christmas is going to be very different this year, we won't be seeing our families, giving presents, or having a traditional Christmas dinner. We will be in Cambodia with our friends swimming in a hotel pool but the meaning of Chritmas is the same wherever we are.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

To smash or not to smash

You may, like me, be unfamiliar with the world of scrap booking, but you may be interested in a huge phenomenon that is sweeping the scrap booking world - Smash books. I may be underwhelmed by scrap booking but I do like journalling and collecting receipts, tickets and other things from my travels. which makes me think that the smash book could be for me, or more specifically for our trip to Cambodia.

What do you think?

Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Hats

I got my wish for a new hat... or two

 I found some lovely wool in hobbycraft (it is unusual for me to visit hobby craft, I find the staff aren't very helpful and it is generally over priced) and I made this hat. 

 I am quite proud of myself and I'm really happy to have a new hat to wear that fits my tiny head!

My second hat is for Cambodia, and not exactly suitable for the winter weather.

It will hopefully keep my head cool in the heat of the sun (my freezing hands are so happy to type that!) and shade my face.