Monday, 24 March 2014

Ordinary moments:- Getting to grips with food

For a couple of weeks now we have let Fred play with some of our food. He isn't yet 6months but he was almost snatching the food from out plates so we decided that he was ready to have a go at eating. 

We are doing baby led weaning, this means Fred feeds himself chunks of food and we don't use purees. It is comforting to know that because Fred is in control of what and how much he eats, he wouldn't be eating unless he was ready.
He is definitely eating! We have even found some food his nappy. So far his favourite foods are cucumber, crumpets, apple, tomato and porridge. He is not such a fan of broccoli and cauliflower, he pulls some great faces as he gets to experience we tastes and textures.
Although fun, food is very messy! This morning he managed to get weetabix inside of his coverall bib, as well as all over his face, high chair and floor.


I have linked up with Ordinary Moments over at Mummy daddy me again this week.


  1. I did babyled with my youngest two and it's brilliant.. Good luck on your journey and your little man us very cute :-)

  2. Oh bless him, it sounds like he is doing so well! I did a mixture of Baby Led and traditional purees with both my girls. It's such a fun adventure. Good luck! x

  3. We're a couple of months into weaning and it is brilliant seeing the different faces they pull! Toby always pulls a face when you first give him anything, even if it's something he likes and has had before :-)