Thursday, 11 July 2013

Pregnancy update - week 27

27 Weeks preggo photos!
As usual they aren't that flattering but I don't care :)

Outfit details: Top- fat face, Shorts- a hand me down in a larger size then I usually wear so I can still do them up, Sandals- my trusty Birkenstocks. 
None are maternity.

I have officially put on a stone! This scared me quite a lot so I did some googling and it turns out the average weight gain in pregnancy is 2.5 stone! This statistic scared me more! (sorry about all of the exclamation marks) Something I have learnt about my self during this process is how much of a control freak I am - all of  my friends and family are rolling their eyes because they have known it all along. Before being pregnant I felt in control of my body, I knew that everything was fine, functioning properly and my stomach by some miracle had stayed relatively flat from all my years of dancing. I had just got to the point of accepting my large butt and small boobs, I knew how to dress to flatter my shape and I most of the time felt confident and relatively fit. 

Now is different, I'm not in control of my body, regardless of what I eat or don't eat my stomach will continue to expand in order to fit more baby in. I get scared if I don't feel baby move for a while because I don't know what is going on in there, I don't know how he or she is doing. My boobs (for me) are ginormous! I have to work out the acceptable cleavage parameters with every outfit change and well my shape is definitely not pear at the moment! And I get worn out very quickly which is very frustrating!

These things are all small in comparison to the massive blessing of being pregnant. I am thankful every day that we have this baby in our life and that he or she seems to be growing healthily and I'm having a relatively easy time.

This week, according to my app, baby is 900g and 37cm head to foot. He or she can hear and distinguish voices, sleeps and wakes are regular intervals and can open and close his or her eyes. It's amazing!

Next week I have to have a gestational diabetes test which sounds pretty gruesome followed by an extra injection because my blood type is o- and I have been told by the midwife they will take lots of blood to do extra tests just because they can! I'm not looking forward to it :(

On the subject of my midwife, I had an appointment at 25 weeks, which is the point where they start to measure the bump to check it is growing at the right rate. I got up on the bed and lifted my top while she went to fetch the tape measure, she had her back to me when I said how traumatised I was about my "outy" belly button she started to reply with "well it can't be that bad at 25... OH!" she exclaimed as she turned and saw it in all its "outy "glory. I consider myself a medical marvel and have decided to stop complaining about it. The outy is here to stay (please God make it go back after I have had the baby! Amen)

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