Friday, 18 July 2014

A wonderful weekend in Bristol

Last weekend we managed to fit a lot in. We visited one of our favourite people, caught up with a lot of Jamie's family and got to celebrate with Vicky and Graham on their wedding day.

Unfortunately my camera is playing up and my phone ran out of battery half way through the wedding so I haven't got many photos but I can work with what I've got.

We drove down Thursday night after putting Fred to 'bed' in his car seat. Our plan was fool proof, Fred would sleep all the way and then seamlessly transfer in to a ready travel cot when we arrived. Unfortunately he woke up when we got there. That night he woke up a few times and couldn't cope at 5am when it was unexpectedly light. (he has a black out blind in his bedroom) from 5am he spent the next 3 hours in our bed. 

I got pushed out, but I didn't mind. 
He is cute enough to make up for it.

On Friday Fran took us on a whistle stop tour of Bristol. 
I wanted a selfie on the Clifton suspension bridge, it took a few takes.

We enjoyed lunch outside in the sunshine. I particularly enjoyed listening to the conversation of the impossibly posh couple on the next table. Bristol is VERY good for people watching.

Saturday was the day of the wedding.
Vicky (Jamie's sister) wore a beautiful pe-loved gown and her Grandmothers pearls. She looked stunning, and Graham knew it. Neither of them stopped grinning all day.

The wedding was at Goldney Orangery, the gardens surrounding are beautiful.

 Fred enjoyed exploring and playing with his Dad and Grandpa on the grass most of the afternoon.

I was kindly lent my dress by one of Fran's housemates. 
It was lovely to feel so glamorous for the day. The only draw back of the dress was that I had to take it off to feed Fred. It was a nightmare!

Fran lives in a massive 5 storey house with over 20 others including two families. They eat together most evenings and are committed to living in unity as a Christian community. It was wonderful to stay with people who are purposfully putting others before themselves and trying to serve each other everyday. I think it would be great to live there as a single person but I really don't know how the couples and families manage, they must be blessed with a lot of patience!

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fred - 8 and 9 month update

It has been two months since I last blogged. I can't believe it has been that long!
Fred has grown up so much, he is now non-stop.
He talks (babbles) constantly and all he wants to do is walk, unfortunately he cannot walk on his own yet.

It is back breaking wandering around with him hanging on to my hands. I am doing everything I can to teach him to crawl, he is nearly there though. I have been using a bubbles container as motivation.

Fred now weighs 21lb and has officially moved up a whole percentile since starting solids. His eating has now been further helped by the introduction of his two front teeth.

 Weaning is going really well,  he now helps himself to his dinner out of a bowl.
Some of his current favourite foods are; sweetcorn frittas, crumpets, bananas, pears, eggy bread and chicken tagine.

 We have done so much in the last couple of months.
We have had 2 visits from Grandparents and one of his Great Aunties.
We have started to go on more summer days out. We have been to the zoo, gone to longer walks and to the beach. Fred loves being out side, thankfully we have had so much good weather that he gets to play in the garden or go on the swings in our local park most days.

He really enjoys being in the garden exploring. He strokes leaves, pulls the heads off dandelions and regularly tries to eat mud.

Sleeping, over the past two months, has been very up and down. For a while he was reliably waking once a night for a quick feed - then teething happened in earnest. We had a couple of nights where he woke up 4 times.
 He seems to have settled back in to a good sleeping pattern now.
 Thank goodness.

Some of his current favourite things are; cleaning his teeth, having his legs massaged after his bath, reading books, bubbles, bouncy and rattling balls and of course practicing his pout, but it still isn't quite as good as his dad's.