Monday, 20 January 2014

Ordinary Moments; tummy time

Tummy time is not something Fred has enjoyed, it has been endured.

Why mummy insisted on putting him on his front so he was left licking the floor was beyond him.

Until recently. Suddenly he has the strength to hold up his head. To look around and to wiggle his butt!
There is definitely no rolling yet but it will come, for now we are happy to look around at what is going on until his neck gets tired.

Lifting his head for a few minutes without face planting or crying has been a long time coming. We practice a little every day. This extraordinary feat is my ordinary moment this week.

I have linked up again with Mummy Daddy Me. I hope you like my ordinary moments posts. My aim is to join in every week : )

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  1. Aww such gorgeous pictures! Love those tummy times,she look so determined and focused and then confused :) xx

  2. What a lovely ordinary moment to capture! P.S. I'm currently pregnant please inform me how you made such a gorgeous little boy! Mine is half cooked haha!
    Accidental Sunshine

    1. oooh so exciting! Ha definitely nothing to do with me, he looks just like his dad! good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!