Sunday, 2 February 2014

Ordinary Moments; Teething

This week as well as having to deal with a bad belly (read - soooo many dirty nappies!) Fred's teething has been turned up a notch. 

Dribbling, gnawing on anything that will fit in his mouth, sucking his fingers- when he remembers that he has them, and some grumpiness.

We have many teething toys, but many are currently a little too big for Fred's mouth or a bit unwieldy. Most of the time he doesn't manage to get them to his mouth without help.  I bought the teether above on a whim from the central isle in Aldi and it is a hit! It is small enough to fit in his mouth and light enough for him to control it.

It is strange that these small things mean so much to me now. It is because they mean so much to me that I now realise how much my life has changed. Of course life has physically changed; we don't go out for dinner anymore, sleep is at Fred's mercy, I spend my days with him and don't go to work. But the biggest change is internal; my motivations and passions are different.

I now get excited about teething toys.
The old me is rolling her eyes. ;)

My life has changed a lot and I love it (most of the time).


  1. Don't knock it- whatever helps. You do get excited over the strangest thing as a parent, but you need too. It keeps you going on the tough days. His nappies might be down to teething too.

  2. Haha bless him, he looks like he is really knawing on that toy. My littlest girl went through a really bad stage with her teeth where she was quite sad and grumpy, but we now have three on the top and two on the bottom and haven't had any more new ones for a while. I think we are due some soon! x

  3. ahhh bless him it's so good that you found a teething toy that works!! I like the line 'the old me is rolling her eyes' that made me laugh its so true!!

  4. We're currently being tortured by the tooth fairy too, so I absolutely understand the excitement! I wish we had a teething toy that worked - M prefers to bang them on the floor and chew the furniture instead...

  5. Have you tried breastmilk Lollys. Stick dummy's into Ice cube trays of expressed BM and put in the freezer, although Tyler never took to a dummy, he would love holding the ice cold Lollys up and gnaw on them

  6. I had the same problem. Every single toy was way to big for my lo's. Not to mention he couldn't really handle them himself yet. Teething mittens work great (when your lo remembers he has fingers....) I got mine from