Saturday, 14 January 2012

30 before 30 challenge.

I have seen a few bloggers taking the 30 before 30 challenge.
I thought it was a cool idea and could help me be more focused about my 'free time' and I LOVE lists. Crossing things off list is possibly one of my favourite things to do. 
So in no particular order, here is my 30 before 30 list...

1.       Go to New York
2.       Learn how to cook a good roast
3.       Knit a whole jumper
4.       Have a baby
5.       Grow my own rhubarb
7.       Give up meat for a month
8.       Enter a baking competition
11.   Learn to surf
13.   Climb all three of the UK’s biggest mountains
14.   Make a dress
15.   Read the whole bible again
16.   Run in a 5 or 10k race
17.   Go to Paris
19.   Adopt a dog
21.   Go skinny dipping
22.   Save 10% and give 10% for at least a whole year
23.   Go kayaking
25.   Go back to Italy
26.   Do an evening course
27.   Find and join a contemporary dance class
28.   Watch the sunrise and the sunset on the same day
29.   Buy a house

For some reason I can't think of a 30th, instead of just shoving something in I have decided to wait until I have some inspiration.

I will keep this blog updated when i have completed any of these things and maybe the process too.

Each of these things have a different reason and purpose for being on the list. 
No.20 is on the list because it may convince me to do it. We got married October 2009 so it's ridiculous that I haven't done it yet!

I used to dance a lot and I think I was quite good at it. So I would love to find a class again. But so far I can't find one in Chester :-(

Jamie, my Mum and Dad and I are going to Iceland in a month so if all goes well we will have seen the northern lights really soon!

I'm not going to explain them all it would take ages.


  1. I made a 30 before Thirty list awhile ago too! I like yours :)

  2. I LOVE some of the ideas on this list. I particularly love the making a dress, knitting a whole jumper, wearing skirts/dresses for a whole month and I particularly love the one about a baby......please make it soon! I want a mini you in the world! :o)

    1. you are brilliant! i don't think i would have enough time for everything else if i have a baby too soon! lol xxx

  3. emily, i may have something to help you with no. 18.

    the northern lights are kinda rare in the UK - i've only ever seen them once, driving back from blackpool as a teenager. we stopped and they were absolutely incredible.

    however, rare need not preclude the possibility, and to help you in increasing those odds, i submit to you - Aurora Watch.

    i've been subscribed to their mailing list for a while - they send you updates (amber alerts, red alerts, etc) with information about the proximity/likelihood of aurora borealis.

    hope this helps you in your march towards the 30th year of existence.

  4. Thanks Nathan! Although i am hoping we will see them in Iceland when we go in a few weeks!


  5. Hey Emily,
    I saw your list on Facebook. For number 27 I used to go to modern jive in Chester with my housemates. It was in the Guildhall on Watergate street. I'm not sure if it's still running but it was called blitz jive and it ran on Monday nights. I remember it being really fun. Hope this helps x

    1. Thanks Becky. I went to that class once with you guys! it was fun. but unfortunately not the sort of dance class i want to go to. i really want to start doing contemporary dance again. I really miss it!

  6. I've finally sat down and had a proper look at your list; what a great idea!

    I certainly agree that you should make a concerted effort to achieve most of them before no4, because although not impossible, things get a whole lot more complicated with a little dependant person around!

    However, I am now feeling that I have achieved some things worthy of recognition (if only by myself!) as I have recently managed numbers 12 & 16, and done a marathon to boot.

    You go girl, and enjoy every moment! :0)

  7. Hey Em!
    I will totally come with you when you achieve 12! I've done it twice myself already but love it too bits, we should arrange it together...would be awesommmmmme!

    1. Ah Jo, i'm going with all the ladies in my family at the end of september... maybe we can go again? ;)