Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Help my hair is falling out!

While pregnant my hair was lovely, shiny and full of volume. It grew long and I loved it!

This photo was taken in July, I was 6 months pregnant

Then I gave birth and over night my hair changed, it became dry, fluffy, brittle. I thought it could be fixed with a good haircut, it could not. 
The below photo is was taken 6 weeks postpartum. 
It's So Fluffy!!! (and not in a good way)

A month ago my hair started falling out. I knew it was going to happen, (it is one of the things they do remember to tell you) but I didn't expect this volume of hair loss! Clumps of hair fall out every time I wash, brush or tie it up. some areas of the house look like scenes from a wild west movie with hair balls blowing along in the wind! I exagerate, I hoovered yesterday. 

 It is quite horrible and hard to deal with, not only do I have less time to 'do' my hair, I have horrible hair to work with. I have just taken to tying it up in a low bun, but that doesn't solve the problem of my wayward fringe...

 I have two questions that I have yet found the answer to; When will it stop? And will my hair ever do what I want it to again? 

 Yours sincerely Baldy (previously known as Emily)


  1. Hi Emily :) I love reading your blogs. I get asked this a lot. And ive heard many different time scales. Some had hair loss as soon as a few hrs after birth, and as long as my sister in law still lost hair when bubs was a year. Hair grows in cycles of 2-7years. A long time, I know. Making sure you're healthy and your diet is healthy shows in your hair and nails. It should go back to normal as your body had been through a tough time and need time to adjust back. But on the flip side, and un helpful side, you can never be sure. Making sure you are just losing extra hair, not actual losing hair (baldness patches/ alopecia). I'd you do have alopecia then seek medical Advice. All a trusted friend/Jamie to look. Someone who's not gonna try and pretend you havn't if you have. But with the womeni know who have had babies, their hair has gone awful- unbearable- but gone back again. The only thing different now with my sister in law is hers is more prone to be oilier. Xx

    1. Thanks for you help :) Thankfully i have no actual bald patches it is just a lot thinner!
      I think it is probably a good idea to change my shampoo to help with the dryness.

  2. Oh, I'm afraid I didn't experience this as I got pregnant again pretty soon after Boy1! Not looking forward to it this time though. I love my hair, so can imagine how rubbish this is! Hope it sorts itself out soon! xxx

    1. Ah you are lucky! your hair must be fantastic with two close together pregnancies! Thanks Me too!

  3. I had this with my first and now going through it again with my second. It did stop falling out once my baby was about seven months old. Hoping it does the same this time! Such a shock isn't it. Up there with the things you are never told... Hope it stops falling out soon for you x

  4. 7 months! That is a long time. Thanks, I hope yours stops soon too!