Wednesday, 29 August 2012

holiday snaps part 2

The second week of our holiday was spent in Southampton with Jamie's parents.
 It was a lovely relaxed week.
 I spent time reading, doing a puzzle, watching the Olympics and we spent a couple of days exploring.

 We visited Longleat Safari Park.
 I have wanted to go for a really long time and it didn't disappoint.
 Although it was great getting to spend time with our family and friends, it was wonderful to have a day for ourselves.


In the Monkey section Jamie gained a wing man.

We also spent a day exploring Portsmouth. 
Although it is only a 20minute drive from their house Jamie's parents hadn't visited the spinnaker tower since it had been built.

There is a glass floor in the viewing room of the tower. 
It is very high up. 
I am not a fan of heights, but I did walk on it!

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  1. Oooh Spinaker tower! I've been there and I was brave enough to walk on it too. Lovely snaps Em! x