Monday, 20 February 2012

Our honeymoon on the Neapolitan Riviera, Italy

This post was meant to be about our little holiday to Iceland, but I can't find our camera lead. 
Tres annoying! So instead I will treat you to some of our honeymoon photos.

I know I should show you our wedding first but I can't find the digital versions of the photos so for now we are starting with our honeymoon.
For our honeymoon went visited the Neapolitan Riviera in southern Italy.
This was our view every morning at breakfast.

We visited Pompei, It was amazing to walk through this huge ghost town.

The Colosseum was unbelievably huge. 
There were beautiful sunsets every evening.
We took a luxury day cruise to Capri. 
So many times whilst on honeymoon 
we found ourselves saying "We will never get to do this again"
So we had a lot of treats!

We went for lovely meals and wandered through beautiful Italian streets.

We also explored the beautiful Amalfi coast.
This is Positano my favourite place on the Amalfi coast. 
Steep steps wind all the way down to a little beach with crystal clear water.

Much to Jamie's delight we climbed Mt Vesuvius 

The view is astonishing. If the volcano erupted again the whole of Naples would be wiped out.

Look at all the ice cream!

Sorry for unloading all the photos  hope you don't mind!
I promise to give you the Iceland post soon!

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