Thursday, 23 February 2012


I found my camera lead! Wahoo!!!!
It was on my dressing table, shows just how messy my dressing table is. 
First let me say we saw THEM. Them being the northern lights. To get to see *THEM* we had to travel around in a crazy 4 coach group, chasing bits of clear sky away from too much light pollution for 5 hours!

It was worth it though because we saw *THEM* they weren't bright green and red but they were most definitely *THEM*. It started as what looked like silver lining around a cloud then as we watched, we realised that there was no cloud, then they morphed there were lines reaching up in to the sky at a 90degree angle to the original 'cloud'. We stood and watched in the freezing cold for over 45minutes as they moved around the sky infront of us, then suddenly they were gone. 

The trouble is I think I could become a bit obsessed over finding them. one day I would love to watch and them look something like this...
Anyway back to our little holiday, after the jump there are lots of photos!

We met Mum and Dad at Gatwick Airport 

 On our first full day we went to the Blue Lagoon it contains geothermally heated sea water containing minerals and algae that are great for our skin. It was also very fun. 

It was actually that blue!

Our second day we went on a Golden circle tour that took us through amazing landscapes and we stopped to see where the Icelandic Parliament started and then we headed to Gulfoss a huge double waterfall. it was very impressive.
 So is Jamies lunge.

It was also very cold!

Next we visited the geyzeer fields.
There was one that exploded every 7 minutes so I could get some photos.

 The view from our hotel room.

 The huge cathedral in Rekyjavik.
 The weather in Iceland changes very quickly.
The two photos above were taken only about an hour apart.
This is the view from the top of the cathedral with the snow clouds rolling in.

 There was some great graffiti in Rekyjavik.
 Inside an amazing architectural building the new music hall.
 Sorry I didn't get a photo of the outside.

We had mixed food experiences whilst there, lots of fish!
 (Jamie isn't that keen on fish)
The lamb is amazing and the lamb stew is great to warm you up in the middle of the day.

So Iceland was great and I recommend it. I would like to go back but maybe in the summer next time and for a lot longer! we only had 3 full days and I think we made the most of them!

At last I can cross something off of my 30 before 30 list.

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