Thursday, 12 April 2012

Spring Harvest

We got back from Spring Harvest on Tuesday evening,
 so I have had a few days to take in what we heard and process it.

 I have always loved the large gathering at events like spring harvest it is so moving to come together with so many other people to worship God.

The theme of the week was 'Church Actually', focusing on the amazing institutions and groups that are church. We learnt that the second largest welfare provider (second only to the government) in the UK is the church. and many other amazing facts about how the church as a whole has changed the face of our country and the world. The abolition of the slave trade is just one massively positive thing to come from Christians being inspired by God to step up and refuse to put up with things the way they are. 

For more facts about the church check out The Evangelical Alliance webpage.

So as well as being encouraged by things the church has done and is doing the speakers challenged us to look forward and most importantly to work together to further help those in need, to stand up for those without a voice and to give more and more people the opportunity to meet with Jesus for themselves.

I am saddened by the huge amount of people who know the Church as a place of division, disagreement, conflict and sometimes hate. Just because we believe slightly different things relating to how we live our lives of faith day to day. 

I believe that if we all sought to know God, to follow him and listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, any disagreements that remained would seem insignificant because we would be looking to the one who is greater. 
Not arguing about who has the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth! 

 I'm not naive I know the deep seated disagreements and conflicts aren't small to those involved in them. I find it really hard to work with people who believe certain things. I have deliberately not mentioned them. (as a side note some of the most wonderful people in my life believe some things I find hard to accept, but I also know they love God and only want to do their best to serve Him, so we get on with it.)

One of the evening speakers at Spring harvest was Rev Les Issac the founder and CEO of Street Pastors. If you don't know about street pastors look here.
Street Pastors is a great and growing organisation that actively and practically ministers to drunk people on the streets of our cities. He shared some of the Joy he has had in working with people from every sort of church and seeing them work effectively together when they are on duty. 
But he also shared his frustration in the narrow mindedness of some people. The example that stuck with me was of a church leader who's congregation are really involved in street pastors, saying to him 'If the pope officially endorses Street Pastors our church will no longer be involved' - What actual difference to the work of Street pastors will the pope be making - None.

The sad thing is I can believe it.

This has to change. 
If we spend all day chasing our tail whilst the rest of the world gets on with it we (the Church) will be up that creek without a paddle.
I am so glad we aren't in this alone.

 If God wasn't in charge we would have combusted hundreds of years ago. 
If we would let God take full charge who knows what more amazing things would we have achieved!


  1. All that is so true Emily. Thank you for sharing it with us xx
    (has himself eaten all his Easter chocolate yet?) :)

  2. Yes he has eaten lots of chocolate!

  3. you write really beautifully x

  4. Wow thankyou. I have been followiing your blog for a long time, that means a lot!