Monday, 14 October 2013

Great British Bloggers

While Things are going to be a little quiet around here I thought I would share with you some blogs I like to read. I have been readying blogs for years, far longer then I even considered blogging for myself. But for the longest time I didn't know how to find British blogs, they didn't come up on google when I searched and to be fair I probably just didn't know enough about blogging to know where to look.

Since becoming more involved in my own blog and interacting more on twitter I have found some great British blogs, and lovely bloggers. So in no particular order this is a little run down of some of my favourite British blogs.

* Domestic Sluttery is a life style blog written by a group of cool ladies topics include design, recipes, fashion, holidays, reading, cocktails and much more. I have been reading DS for a long time now and regularly recommend it to people.

* The owl and the accordian is written by Vicky, she lives on the south coast and blogs vintage finds, design inspiration, crafts and more. Every post is beautiful.

* Kat got the cream is written by Kat (naturally), her lifestyle blog covers crafting, bargain hunting, design and other fun things. I also recently won a blog competition for a beautiful tea pot from her. It made my week!

* Little green shed is written by Lou, she blogs with beautiful photos of her family, days out, simple pleasures and design inspiration.

* A thrifty Mrs is written by El, She and her husband live frugally but also have fun with it, she shares recipes, money saving ideas and useful links and finds from around the web.

* A Saucy Stitch is written by Giddy aunt Lola, she has 5 kids, is a charity shop queen and maker / crafter of good things.

* A girl called Jack is written by Jack, who after finding her self with not enough food or money to feed herself and her child she decided to write cheap recipes and and to campaign the government for a fairer approach to the benefits system. 

Happy reading :) 

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