Saturday, 12 October 2013

The baby is here!

I am excited to introduce you to Fred Michael, he arrived on the 3rd of October at 2.31am. After a long an arduous failed induction of labour he entered the world via c-section. He is perfect, he has Jamie's nose and feet, my chin (poor boy) blue beautiful eyes and a great pout.

We are having to take things slowly and gently, because of the c-section, which is unusual for me but just as well because so far Fred is a bit of a night owl. Jamie and I are knackered and it's only been just over a week!

I will try and blog at least once a week from now on, but it may start of slowly as I am not doing much! The arrival of Fred does mean I can cross off another of my 30before 30 challenges :)


  1. Beautiful pics!! Dave and I are delighted for you both and are looking forward to meeting little Fred! Lots of love, Lizzie xx