Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Baby Fred a 3 month update

Our little Fred is 3 months old already! 

He is a good eater, eating every 2 - 3 hours, over Christmas he upped his milk intake. Previously I fed him just from one breast, now he takes both per feeding.

I'm not sure how much he weighs, I keep neglecting getting him weighed because he is very obviously growing well. At a baby group we go to he is almost as big as some babies twice his age!

During our time away he learnt loads of cool new things. He can now grab the things he wants to. Unfortunately a lot of the time that thing is my hair.

He learnt to laugh and it is a brilliantly dirty chuckle! Things that have Made him laugh include, Jamie singing to him, playing flying with me, bouncing in is chair and singing "row row row your boat".

He is quite a good sleeper, once we get him to sleep. Some evenings it is a bit of a battle getting him to settle enough to stay asleep. But once he is down he generally only wakes twice in the night. Before we went away for Christmas we had a couple of nights where he woke only once!

His napping habits leave a lot to be desired. Some days he hardly sleeps at all, all day. Those days at hard on all of us. But today he had a morning nap of half an hour and he is currently enjoying a nap that started two and a half hours ago!

We are still using reusable nappies and we are loving them. It was a bit of a challenge to take everything we needed and to keep up with the washing while we were away over Christmas but on the whole it worked really well. We also use reusable wipes when we are at home. Using reusable nappies is much easier then I thought it would be and I can highly recommend it. 

Thankfully this month we have avoided ill people and their germs so haven't had any more colds, but he constantly has stuffy nose which is frustrating for him.

It is so lovely to watching him learning things and the concentration on his face while he does it. He has started to stick his tongue out when he concentrates, just like his Dad!

Thanks to Vicky, Fred's Aunty who took the first three photos in this post and to Grandpa for taking the last one :)

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