Thursday, 23 January 2014

Review: NappyKind boutique, baby legwarmers

I was asked by NappyKind Boutique to review their baby legwarmers. For this review I was given a discount code so I could order them from their website at a reduced rate.

Amazingly these leg warmers only cost £1.99 full price. I chose this cute dinosaur design, as Fred (or maybe his parents) has a thing for dinosaurs.

The  biggest benefit of these leg warmers are that we don't have to worry if they will fit over Fred's nappies! NappyKind also suggest they lead to quicker nappy changing, but I haven't tried it out because as soon as we take Fred's nappy off, he kicks around like crazy. He often gets poo on his feet as it is! So I felt leaving the leg warmers on while we change his nappy would be counter productive.

There are so many different designs of leg warmers on the NappyKind website, you could be spoilt for choice. Whilst browsing the website I had one of those rare moments where I thought, 'this would be more fun if Fred was a girl.' There are loads of cute frilly/ spotty ones that Jamie would not let me get for Fred!

Now that we have had a chance to try out our leg warmers, this is what I think:

These leg warmers are really well priced and good quality. Often clothes 'cut for cloth' are really expensive.
There is no worrying that they won't fit over the nappies, and they will probably fit him for quite a while.

The top of the leg warmers has soft stretch elastic so it doesn't dig in to his ultra chunky thighs.
The design is really cute!

As you can see they are a little big, they come in only one size. I'm sure we will get more wear out of them as he grows.

They aren't really suitable for winter as there are bits of precious baby skin that stick out, we are looking forward to trying them in the spring summer though.

I wouldn't dress Fred in these if we were going out and about. I think they would work loads better on a girl under a dress maybe.

If you are struggling to find trousers to fit over your babies cloth bum and you don't want to splash the cash these are a great option. 

NappyKind also do a great range of leggings with designs on the bum. I'm thinking of getting Fred a couple of pairs. :)

As a side note, I found taking Fred's photo for this post really difficult! 
I think up until now I've never purposely taken a picture with his legs in it.

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