Monday, 9 January 2012

Our city

 Jamie and I had a whole day together last Friday.We had to take the car into the garage, which was unfortunately quite expensive, but we had a lovely day anyway.
We had yummy porridge in Pret a Manger. Jamie is modeling the lovely pret coffee cup.
 That famous clock.
 I love the canal, it provides a great straight foot path straight through the city.

 It has been so windy here that no umbrella could with stand it.
 This is my favourite restaurant at the moment. Artichoke is lovely, great yummy food, friendly staff good prices and a lovely atmosphere.
I love this couple, They have matching-ish coats, the same colour shoes, are walking in time and are both holding something red.
Love it!!!
Chester is a cycle city, I really enjoy cycling but i am terrible at the whole bike maintenance thing, my bike has had a puncture for months now. I keep trying to get jamie to do it for me but he insists that i should learn. My argument is i don't need to learn because he can do it! Seemingly i am loosing this argument because I still don't have a working bike.

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