Sunday, 29 January 2012

Adventures with Jonny

Introducing our friend Jonny!

On Saturday we drove to visit Jonny who lives in Sale, on the outskirts of Manchester, he knows how to have a good adventure!

We went to Lyme Park. As we drove towards the peak district ( Lyme Park is on the edge of the peak district) we noticed white tips on the hills next a little frosting on the grass, then all of a sudden snow was all around us. It was so exciting! I love snow.

Jamie and Jonny have a lot of Love for each other, It's beautiful...

I love dry stone walls, I especially like the styles that have been set up as a way of going over them.

     The house was closed so we went for a lovely walk with beautiful views.

You know how I said Jonny is good at adventuring? Well he never forgets to bring awesome treats...
I love our adventures with Jonny, He is a great man of God and he always helps me and Jamie by  approaching all of our problems, wonderings and doubts, with wisdom and kindness.
He is also very fun, and always brings cakes. Now that's what I call a good friend!

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