Saturday, 14 January 2012

Moel Famau

I love hills and mountains, I think it comes from growing up in Hastings possibly the hilliest place ever (I know that is not true but it is hilly). When I first moved to Chester it was difficult finding my way out of the city as I didn't have a car so i got huge regular cravings for hills. Now that we have a car, a satnav and some local knowledge I get to regularly walk up hills and mountains. Whoop!

Yesterday Jamie and I climbed Moel Famau a nice small ish mountain in Wales. We parked in a really beautiful village called Cilcain, and then conquered the mountain.

I look goofy but I am ready for adventure!
The view at the top was awesome. With views like this I have to stand back and thank God for his creativity!
I made friends with this sheep.
It has been so warm recently that the daffodils are sprouting!
The top of Moel Famau is just left of the telegraphy pole.
The most beautiful village pub! Unfortunately it was closed. We will go back and have a pint of cider by the fire.
 I love these little cottages. One day my house will be this beautiful.

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  1. wow such beautiful views! and those cottages are just so cute and quaint!