Friday, 2 March 2012


So lent is a pretty big deal in the Christian calender. The purpose of lent is two-fold; 
1. To remember the time of fasting that Jesus went through in the desert, He gave up earthly things like food, human company and showed through the series of temptations that he faced that he also could withstand greed, pride and other sins.

2. It is a time of preparation and reflection a time when we think more consciously of Jesus' human life and divinity. We not only think of the miracles and wondrous acts he performed but also his friendships, earthly hardships and of course towards the end of Lent His inevitable death and glorious Resurrection. 

Reflecting on all of these things leads us naturally to be more mindful of our own lives and actions.This is why many Christians give up or take up something during lent.

Christian Aid have a great resource for individuals or families who would like to be more purposeful in loving others and remembering how blessed we are.
Have a look at their calendar its not too late to start.

This year as well as going out of my way to bless others around me (either through buying someone a drink or making sure i am being kind etc.) 
I have given up buying clothes...

For some people it is not a big deal not to buy clothes for 40 days or so. And in some ways it isn't huge for me (I have gone more than 40days before) but this is different because it is a positive decision not to and a change in my attitude towards my appearance and self worth. I am not saying for a second that i get my self worth from my clothes, but if i am feeling down, shabby, low in confidence buying a new dress or pair of jeans can really help!
That is exactly what I would like to change. If I'm feeling low or that I have nothing to wear because my confidence has taken a dive. I should look to Jesus and be reminded that He thought enough of me to come to earth in human form and die, taking my sins and the rest of the worlds on to himself, and after descending in to Hell (complete separation from God and all things good) He rose again, proving his divinity and purity. 
No amount of clothes, or praise of my appearance could ever live up to that.

Wow this was deep, I wasn't expecting to preach so much. but it is something I feel passionately about. So it is right that I talk about it.

On a slightly lighter note I have been giving myself some great temptation!
This jumper, this dress, these shoes oh and this dress. Not that I have been looking or anything!


  1. Best not to look. (Is knitting the jumper cheating?) vicky.

    1. Lol thanks. it is not cheating because it is for Jamie, it is about a quarter knitted ish...

  2. I meant, if you tried to knit this jumper vx.