Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Skirts and Dresses week 3 (30 before 30)

This weeks outfit posts... I'm still finding it difficult spacing the photos! 


Sorry it is two days late, been very busy this week, working lots and doing lots in the evenings too! 

Oh well I am now officailly on HOLIDAY!!!

I do like my job but it is great to have 2 and a half weeks work free stretching out infront of me.



SO they aren't in the order I wore them but they are sort of lined up!

Only one week left of skirts and dresses!

 To be honest I can't wait. I don't mind wearing them but it does seriously limit my wardrobe. And now that it is SUNNY I would like to be able to frolick (yes I do frolick) without worrying about whether or not my dress is riding up!

Anyway I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

 Don't forget to wear suncream!

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  1. Especially loving picyure 2, you beautiful lady :)