Monday, 9 July 2012

Week one of skirts and dresses

So the first week of skirts and dresses has finished, this is what i wore...

 This challenge started well and I felt really positive about it, but a week on its becoming more difficult because:- 
1. I'm worried i don't have enough clothes to keep this varied
2. I am not enjoying having my picture taken, partially because it has been such bad weather we have had to take every photo inside 
3. Some days I feel self conscious.


  1. Boots in July...must be a good summer!

  2. p.s. anonymous should read Grace Maltby

  3. I have skirts and dresses u can borrow if u wanna mix it up!

  4. Love love dress one and no 4 combo...but you look so cute in them all!!! Love you!!! xxx