Thursday, 19 July 2012


Time for a new blog idea...

I got this idea from twitter (you can follow me @Emily_Advntures) every Thursday people use the Hastag #ThankfulThursday (If you don't understand twitter jargon, and want to, read this.) people talk about people who have been nice to them and things in their lives they are particularly Thankful for that week.

I love it. It's great to see people being so positive and encouraging. Being thankful is definitely something that many of us could do with practising. I am terrible if I'm feeling a little down everything is dramatically bad! Whereas in actual fact My life is pretty cushty (no I am not Delboy I just like the word cushty) and only small things are hard or difficult.

Because I am a Christian I see being thankful as a way of giving God the Glory for the good things in life and actually making a point of remembering that all good things come from HIM. 

So every Thursday I am going to try and remember to post something I am really thankful for. Sometimes it will be a person, sometimes something big and serious and sometimes something a little ridiculous. 

This week I am thankful for my bike and people who cycle with me.

This photo was taken monday, half way through a 12 mile ride to a wonderful warm and friendly farm for lunch.
We were very wet but happy!

I'm going cycling again today, lets hope it is a little less wet!

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