Thursday, 20 September 2012

#ThankfulThursday An Autumn Harvest

Early Autumn is great for free fruit.
For this I am very thankful.
This year I managed to get Jamie on board with the foraging.

We managed to pick many juicy little yellow Plums, Black Berries and 2kg of Elderberries.

 With this haul I made: Apple and Blackberry pie

Plum and Chili Chutney

Apple and Blackberry upside-down cake, obviously inspired by the Great British bake Off. 
Unfortunately I didn't cook it for long enough, I had to  re-cook it before we ate it - it still tasted good, but did not look as pretty.

With the elderberries we are making wine.
 I will let you know how that goes in about a year. 
I have discovered that wine making is not a quick process!

I have also discovered food photography is really not my thing.

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