Tuesday, 25 September 2012

We are going to Cambodia!

We have just booked our tickets so it is official... 

We are going to Cambodia!

Our friends Jane and Greg are living just outside Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, for a year.
(I didn't take this photo I borrowed it from facebook)

They are awesome people who among other things have taught us to appreciate board games. (we are geeks and we love it)

They are in Cambodia working for a church and helping to teach English to enable people to get better paid jobs and to help them change their situations.

Amazingly we have the opportunity to visit them.

Neither I or Jamie have ever visited such a different culture, flown so far, had to buy a visa to gain entry to a country, spent Christmas abroad or dealt with the sorts of weather that is normal in Cambodia.

It may be a bit of a culture shock which is why I am so glad we are able to visit Jane and Greg, rather than travelling completely independently. 

We will be spending the first half of our time Living in Jane and Greg's apartment and helping out in the centre. (I have never successfully taught anyone anything so I am a little nervous about attempting to teach English)
And then we are going to go exploring a little further afield.

We are fortunate that Jane and Greg are able to have a weeks holiday whilst we are there.

We aren't exactly sure of our itinerary, to some extent we are going to go with the flow. 

I am beyond excited.

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