Saturday, 17 November 2012

Anthony Gormley's Another Place

  On the same day that we visited formby we visited Anthony Gormley's Another Place. It is a huge art instillation on Crosby Beach.

There are a 100 cast-iron sculptures of Anthony himself that are set in to the beach facing out to sea. Anthony is better know for his angel of the north sculpture in Gateshead

The Sefton council website describes Another Place as

 'a poetic response to the individual and universal sentiments associated with emigration - sadness at leaving, but the hope of a new future in another place.'

What do you think?


I found the figures quite haunting but what made the instillation was the continually changing backdrop of the sea and the stormy sky.


It was one of those days that make me really thankful for my camera. It isn't anything too special, it is just a point and shoot digital, but it does give me a few more controls that the average camera, and I am really enjoying learning how best to use those controls.

I did feel quite sorry for the seagulls that were trying to stand still against the wind.

They should have embraced it like this one.

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