Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pregnancy update - 35 weeks

Wow time really does fly! I have loads more to share from our holiday but it is time for another preggo update.

It seems I pull strange faces whilst being photographed, and Jamie didn't tell me my cardigan was tucked in! oh well

What I wore: Cardigan - an old Charity shop find, Dress - ASOS Maternity (definitely one of my best investments), Sandals - Last years from Zara, and scarf was a present.

We got back from our two weeks holiday last night. The Maternity Jeans and my favourite grey skirt I packed stopped fitting me only 5 days in to our holiday leaving me with hardly anything to wear! Thankfully my Mum came to the rescue with a huge pair of trousers I bought her from Cambodia (they are in the photo below- expect to see more of them) and we went and found two dresses that aren't maternity but will hopefully fit for the next month or so and beyond.

Sleeping, turning over and getting up from a horizontal position have all become very difficult! My wonderful friend Hayley has lent me her AMAZING pregnancy pillow. I have only used it for one night so far but it is my new best friend. I think I may use it forever (Jamie isn't to happy about this prospect as I'm now taking up even more space in bed)

I had a midwife appointment today, my stomach is still measuring about a week ahead- this is worrying as I think it means baby is going to be big, unless he/she comes early...
Baby is already in the head down position, though not engaged so don't panic. 
We got to listen to his/ her heartbeat again today, It always makes me well up. I'm going to be such a blubbering wreck when baby is born!

I have just over two weeks left of work, but I'm worried I'm not going to make it :s. I am so tired now and my hips are getting quite painful. My aim is not to fall asleep in the office ; )

So any guesses, of sex, weight and date baby will arrive? I can't promise a prize if you get it right just pride in your guessing abilities.


  1. Ha well i got the royal baby weight right... Female, 9,2' 3rd october

  2. I think boy, 6th October, 8lb 2oz :) Alex xxx

  3. A boy or girl! No idea about weight or date of birth. One thing I do know though is that baby will be gorgeous. It can't be anything else with such lovely parents and of course a glamorous Great Aunt! Love. Sheila. X