Tuesday, 13 November 2012


It is cold, and dark and I would like to hibernate... please?

Failing hibernation i would like a new hat, I'm thinking a may knit one, in need of some inspiration i had a little hunt around the internet. Here are some of the best...

Image 1 of Rachel Comey Chunky Berg Hat
This hat is a snip at only £180!!! It is hand knitted but still more than I would spend on a winter coat and some new boots put together. I suppose if hats really are your bag and you have ludicrous amounts of money why not. Don't get me wrong i really like it and I would like one but I haven't got a spare £180 lying around. Find it here

I love a novelty item and this hat from Next has it all, pom poms, big eyes aaaaannnd matching gloves! They can both be yours (or mine) for only £18. Find them here.

Image 1 of ASOS Oversized Bobble Hat 
I am also a sucker for an over-sized bobble, I don't know why the model is looking so unhappy, the thought of having that bobble on my head fills me with joy, but alas it is sold out. Probably because it had been reduced to only £3 an absolute bargain. I found it here
Popcorn Knitted Beanie 
This hat is also a bargain and I like it a lot. It would be quite a difficult knitting project though as I just want an easy to knit and wear hat adding more colours is just faffy. It is only £5 though so maybe I will buy this and knit myself another one. I do like hats a lot after all... I found it here

Just to make your day I thought I would share possibly the best hat and wearer combo on the internet...
Too funny for words and some how pretty cute!
The pug and the photo belong to Elise and I found it on her blog A Beautiful Mess

Happy hat day.


  1. Emily is this what you're doing instead of leaving catalogues round the house with your fave wannabe presents circled?? Cos you know - you could end up with a LOT of hats from Santa and his friends!