Monday, 11 February 2013

Update on the last week

I am sorry that I haven't blogged for a while
 This week has been a little crazy...

Jamie started to get ill on Monday. We thought he had flu, it got worse over the week, he had a bad fever and felt awful.

Thursday night he got even worse, he started hallucinating and he said his heart was going really fast. 
At 8am I rang NHS direct and they told me to take him to the hospital. 
I thought they might be over reacting but I drove him to A and E, just to be sure.

Long story short Jamie has Pneumonia and he stayed in hospital until Saturday 3pm

They pumped him full of drugs and lowered his fever then sent him home with more pills than a pharmacy.

he will be off work for at least another week, but at least he is now getting better.

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