Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Cambodia - Being Khmer (Jamie)

So this post is going to involve pictures and stories from various parts of the holiday where we felt most Khmer. That is unless it is something which ties in with a different post.

Now Mum, & Mother In-Law...I have a confession to make. On holiday, we may of, well, learnt to drive a moped, or as the locals call it, a Moto!

About 90% of the traffic is on a Moto in Cambodia and they drive them very close to each other, you will be pleased to hear that we only drove on quiet roads! 

Greg and Jane's house mate, Chett took me through the basics...

Then he drove me round a little...

Then he let me drive him...

Then I went round the block on my own...

And then, (this is where the Mother In-Law thing comes in) Emily let me drive her round the block!
Chett is a very good teacher!

Greg, of course is now a pro and often drives himself and Jane around.

The next experience I wanted to share with you is a food one. This dish below is called "Cow Climbs the Mountain". The idea is the beef fries on top of the mountain shaped pan and the fat drizzles down and fries the vegetables at the base of the pan.
This was a eat as you cook experience master-minded by Tavee (Chett's girl friend). Tavee, Chett and Ann (Ann is also Greg and Jane's house mate) are lovely people and it was great to get to know them over the holiday. We hope to see them again!

The next pictures are just small things that we think of when we think of Cambodia. This little lizard is called a "Jin-Jok", they are great things mostly because they eat mosquitoes so that they cant eat you!

This is a picture of Greg and I looking very happy in a Tuk-Tuk. We didnt take a picture of a Tuk-Tuk from the outside but I am sure you can "Google it". It is basically a Moto with an open sided cart on the back which we used like a taxi whilst we were there. Great way of getting around and seeing things as you go. Another one of Greg and Jane's friends Peerah drove us around a lot at a reduced rate to raise money for him to go to university.

This my friends is a coconut, you cant see from the picture but it is literally bigger than my head. HUGE, very tasty, refreshing and available at most cafes and markets.

We saw a few of these signs around, we didn't see anyone spitting either...maybe because of the signs...

The Khmer love to do ornate carvings into fruit, veg, anything they can get their hands on. This was a carving into a water-melon at a restaurant we went to in Phnom Penh. Very impressive

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this short whip-around of what it is to be Khmer. There are obviously many things we have missed out, you will just have to visit to see them all!

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  1. Shame you didn't learn to ride yourself Emily - I'm sure you would have been better at it than Jamie - a 'natural' you might say! ;)