Thursday, 16 May 2013

I'm back...

Sorry I haven't posted for so long!
I took an unintentional break from my blog. After all the drama with Jamie I just felt a bit uninspired. But I am back now. I can't promise such regular posts as i am out of the habit of photographing an documenting my life but I will try...

Another reason for the blog break is that just before Jamie became ill we found out that I am pregnant! 
Dealing with Jamie's pneumonia was difficult because I was feeling so tired and sick. I am so glad he is all better now and back to full health. 

Thankfully my morning sickness has at last subsided (it has been two weeks since I was last sick WHOOP!)

I am now 19 weeks pregnant.

This photo was taken at 16 weeks. I have a nice little bump coming along. 
So far I haven't had any cravings, I can't say I'm enjoying the experience of being pregnant.  It is horrible being sick and queasy (obviously), I'm also finding it weird that my body is changing so much. (my belly button is already unrecognisable)
I started to be able to feel the baby moving last week, it is very surreal! I like it though. I have been able to feel it on the outside of my stomach too, but Jamie hasn't managed it yet. It might be because he makes me laugh too much, he kept putting his face on my belly and asking the baby to kick him...

Whilst I have been away I managed to finish knitting Jamie's jumper! Another thing to cross off my 30 before 30 list. :)

Jamie is a beautiful but blinky model :)


  1. These 2 pictures are like 2 of my most favorite ever!!!

    love you 2 lots and miss you muchly.

    love Hayley xxxx

  2. Ah thanks! i love blinky Jamie , this was the best photo i got.

    We miss you two too!


  3. Welcome back bloggy lady - you've been missed - Grandpa (pending) Graham

  4. hee hee i like the (pending). Thanks :0)