Saturday, 25 May 2013

Blossom tree

There is a tree at the end of our road that in May bursts with blossom, it make me so happy to see it. I love trees that have blossom, they show me spring is here (even if the weather disagrees). One of the MANY names Jamie has called me over the years is Blossom Face because I get so excited about blossom. One day I would like a tree that blossoms in my garden, but until then  I am happy to enjoy the trees in other peoples garden's :)

Yesterday I went and took some photos of the tree at the end of our road so I could share some of the blossom joy. I'm pretty impressed with how they turned out as due to technical difficulties I can't upload photos from my camera at the moment so I took them on my phone...

I hope you have a lovely blossom- filled long weekend.

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