Saturday, 1 June 2013

Awkward and awesome things about pregnancy

Awkward - Finding out the many things "they" didn't tell me would happen. Including growing hair on my belly, not a huge amount but I know it is there! 
              - feeling like I need to pee ALL THE TIME
              - The Baby seems to move more at night - as soon as I lie down
             - My belly button is unrecognisable, and can almost be described as an "outy"        
               - Feeling REALLY full after I eat
               - getting tired pretty quickly even when walking
               - not a great choice of maternity clothes
               - forgetting the names of people I see every week
               - groaning like an old lady when I bend down
               - Trying to get photos of my changing form and not knowing how to stand...

Awesome - Feeling the baby move loads now :0)
              - Jamie singing little songs to my belly
              - Clearing out all the rubbish we have accumulated in our spare rooms ( I Love a good clear out)
              - Some amazing baby hand me downs
              - Still being able to wear most of my normal clothes
              - groaning like an old lady when I bend down ( it is pretty funny)
              - Enjoying all the crazy new things and getting so excited about meeting our Baby.



  1. Love this stuff - I'm getting excited too! Lv G

  2. I'm so so excited for you! Can't wait to see you both and the baby bump in the summer! Love Kayleigh Wayleigh x x