Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pregnancy update

24 Weeks Pregnant.

My belly feels pretty huge some days, although I am aware that I still have some belly growing to do!

I realise the above photo is not very flattering but it does show the belly in its full glory! :)

I bought this skirt soon after I found out I was pregnant it is not maternity, i'm still not wearing many pregnancy clothes. I complained loudly on facebook about the terrible choice of maternity clothes and people gave many opinions and suggestions, in the end I decided I had to work it out my own way.

So far I have bought
   - one dress (which i haven't worn) 
   - one top which I like but is a little baggy
   - a belly band to hide my undone trousers
   - a pair of awesome leggings
   - two maternity / nursing bras
   - some bigger knickers (yes it seems my butt is bigger too! :( )
   - some long strap tops to cover my belly when wearing normal t-shirts

and lots of second hand non maternity clothes at a clothing swap some ladies hosted at church. It was a great evening and I came home with a huge bag of swag!

If you see me around looking inappropriate due to my reluctance to invest in maternity clothes, please do tell me! 

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