Thursday, 24 May 2012

10 Awesome things about summer

Please be warned. 
I get quite excitable about summer. 
IT IS AWESOME. there may be a few too many !!!! within this post.
 I can make no apology for them. 
The mood I'm in right now warrants that many.

1. The SUN!!!

2. Awesome fruit (the photo below is a few years old but well worth a re-visit. -I LOVE pineapple)

 3. Camping trips!!!
4. Getting to wear pretty dresses (and flouncing- I flounce a lot when I wear nice dresses!)
5. Which leads me to weddings
6. The eccentric nature of the British really comes out in the summer. (seriously who else would play croquet?)
7. BBQ's (Natch I am English after all!!!)

8.Going in the sea!!! (I've done it on new years day- its not to be recommended, far tooooo cold!!!)
 9. How much better we all look in the sun! Which kind of goes hand in hand with the sun making my hair blonder!

 10. Last but definitely not least BANK HOLIDAYS!!!!!!
and thank you oh so much lovely Queeney for having been on the throne for 60 years. 
I am really happy about this extra bank holiday.
 I will be celebrating your reign with a tea party at church on the Sunday and hopefully a lovely gathering of friends over a barbecue on the Tuesday!
 I will be raising my cider filled glass to you and exclaiming heartily "Long live the Queen" (because if for nothing else,I 'm afraid old prince Charlie will not be patch on you!)


  1. Your joy at the summer makes me smile!
    Thank you for sharing! :-)

  2. Hannah Woodruff24 May 2012 at 20:49

    Who else has a quintessential British tea party with croquet as her hen party??!! :o)
    I love the pineapple picture too. 1) because Im obsessed with pineapple myself and 2) because i think thats the day we got locked in the park. It was the one rebellious thing I think Ive ever done! xx

    1. hee hee. i love croquet!!! yeah it is the day we got stuck. I am still surprised that it happened! None of that group are particularly daring when it comes to breaking rules! lol.

  3. Emo - you are a one off aren't you? Love it xx