Thursday, 17 May 2012

Our wedding Day

 I hope you don't mind my indulgent nature in wanting to share some of our memories form our wedding day. We had an amazing day surrounded by so many people we love and we were able to worship and thank God for the wonderful gifts he has given us in each other, family and friends.

It was a cold and windy day there were a couple of dramas and my hair got battered in the wind. But I wouldn't change anything!

There are so many bits to every wedding so I am going to spilt it up a bit in to a few posts. I'm starting with the church and group shots...

 Our proud parents


I absolutely love the big group photographs! they look great as a whole but are also a bit like Wheres Wally? because they are loads of different stories and scenarios within them. 
Look out for my mum looking lost on the edge, and try to count how many people are being distracted.
 Its fun.

It Rained. 
For some reason I haven't seen that umbrella or my pashmina since, it is still a mystery...
My family...

Love this check out Arianne's dubious face!
But they did manage it!

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