Monday, 28 May 2012

Jubilee Tat...

As you may already know I am really excited for the Queens Diamond Jubilee next weekend, I am sure you have also not failed to notice the sheer amount of tacky tat jumping on the Queens celebration band waggon.

And the highly publicised disgust many of us are feeling in relation to where these cheap tacky reams of bunting, crockery and crowns are being made and the terrible conditions people making them are working in. 
I found this possible Banksy image on A fantastic website that highlights the problems with trying to maintain such a wealthy lifestyle at the expense at others.

I cannot single handidly stop the use of sweat shops in production of some things (although I do try to avoid things I know are likely to have been made in less than ideal conditions, and it is partly why I am a champion of charity shops)

Something that we can do is to avoid the sweat shop made tat and to buy some British made tat ...

How do you fancy your own Jubilee lava lamp!

 There have only been a thousand made by Mathmos and at £75 each, I declare they are a useless but exciting piece of British Tat.

Or how about a commemorative mug...

Made by one of Britain's best home ware designers of the moment Emma Bridgewater it is a steal at only £19.95 and if your not clumsy you could keep it forever!

And of course you need bunting...

 This is awesome Jubilee bunting made by British bunting and flag makers Flying Colours 10m for £23.75

or you could just buy something awesome that is made completely in Britain, I think I may buy some Kinky Knickers...

Some hand made undies from Mary Portas, sourced and made in Britain.
Only £10 check here for stockists and news. 

Let it be known I am flying the flag and wearing the knickers for British made products.

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