Monday, 14 January 2013

Back to reality and 30 before 30 update

We are back from our Adventure.
 It was brilliant. 
We learnt a lot about ourselves and Cambodia, we ate a lot of new and good food, experienced a completely different culture; and have arrived back with great memories, a little tanned, tired, happy and cold.

It will take a few posts to tell you about our trip as we managed to fit so much into three weeks, this was mainly down to having Jane and Greg as our guides, travelling companions and interpreters. 

I only managed to complete one of my 30 before 30 challenges. But I am going to count two...

The first and most obvious was no 10. Experiencing a completely different culture. Massive tick for this one! 

In Cambodia it is...
  • More important to "save face" then to tell the truth- this has proven a little difficult for Jane and Greg to get used to at times.
  • Rude to point the soles of your feet at someone.
  • Normal to chuck your rubbish in the river, ditch, lake, field etc...
  • Normal to see five people on a moped.
  • More likely for someone to have a TV then to have running water or a toilet.
  • Hard to buy beauty products without whitener in them.
  • Unusual to be stopped by a police man and not asked for a bribe.
  • expected that someone will haggle when buying anything.  
 The Second is No. 28 Watch the sunrise by the sea.
During our trip we the sunrise a lot, I got a few photos 

and I also paddled in the sea at dawn

 but I couldn't actually see the sunrise... what do you think? Can I claim it?


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