Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cambodia 4 - Phnom Penh

Everywhere in Phnom Penh was busy- People use every bit of space available to them.
The Markets are bustling, hot, hives of activity- filled to the rafters with the sellers wares.

The Roads are rammed full with Mopeds, tuk tuks and more recently cars.
Phnom Penh like all cities has the rough bits and the neighbourhoods that  people avoid. 
It also has - like all good capital cities - a palace
The day we visited the palace was very hot. We weren't allowed acess to the whole palace because the King Father died a few months ago and is now lyingin state inthe main part of the palace.
 The whole of Cambodia is in mourning- he was a well loved king.
Soon he will be cremated in this impressive funeral pyre made completely from wood, paper and gold leaf.
We were allowed in to the grounds of the palace though.
 The architecture was so foreign to me that it was hard to grasp,
 but I could understand a topiary teapot,
  a pretty flower,
 And the scale model of Ankor Wat
I know Greg will roll his eyes, but I wouldn't be surprised to see something similar in legoland...

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