Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Cambodia 2 - Arriving and Christmas

We did so much whilst we were in Cambodia, I decided that it would be a good idea to do a series of posts rather than overloading one post with photos and information. Jamie has offered to write some of the Cambodia posts, which is great for a two reasons... You will get a more rounded view of our trip if we both tell you about it (don't worry we will try not to do repeats!) and it means I have to do less (always good;))

Anyway this is the second post in the series...

We flew in to Phnom Penh airport just before midnight on the 23rd December. Jane, Greg, Chett -one of their house mates and Peerah their friend who kindly drove the tuk tuk to pick us up , met us off the plane. 
We stayed up late chattinf and planning for our trip. 
The next day we hit the ground running.

For me the first couple of days were a bit of a blur, we were jet lagged, hot and were being constantly surprised by Cambodia and the Khmer people.
 Culture shock is definitely a thing. 
We both helped teach an English lesson at the Centre where Jane and Greg work, we visited the local market (meat is not kept in fridges- the food hygiene course I completed a few weeks before made me a little wary, but I soon got over the smell, heat and flies)  

We tried our first Khmer meal sitting on the floor in Greg and Jane's kitchen with their house mates Chett and Arn, and Chett's girlfriend who cooked our meal - Tavi

 It was delicious!
We made friends with Jane and Greg's pet budgie- Nebo

 We opened our stockings, lovingly made by Jane, on Christmas Eve with Chett, Arn and Tavi.
I love this photo
 On Christmas day we got a tuk tuk into Phnom Penh and spent the day in a fancy hotel where we ate 'Christmas dinner' - no sprouts, or turkey, or Christmas pudding.  
I won't complain because we were hot and the pool was lovely!

It was very strange, palm trees were far more common then Christmas trees!

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