Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Awkward and awesome things about pregnancy - third trimester

I am now 33weeks pregnant, 5 weeks in to the third trimester, here is a run down of the awkward and awesome things about this stage so far - advance warning- there may be some over sharing on my part... 
I'm wearing; jeans-mothcare, t-shirt - asos maternity, cardigan - charity shop, shoes - newlook (on sale for £5) 

Awkward- Putting shoes on my left foot has become nearly impossible.
                - Turning over in bed, getting up from any position and picking things up from the floor have become so much harder, I now assess how important or necessary it is for me to move before I do anything.
                 - doing a number two, (told you there would be over sharing) or not as the case maybe...
                  - Intermitant lactation -enough said. 
                  - Squashing my organs when I move, always fun! 
                  - Everyone wants to talk to me! A taxi driver started a conversation with 'you need to go to weight watchers love.' He thought he was hilarious!
                   - Regularly being kicked in the ribs - by the baby.
                   - Itchy skin, my belly, hands and feet have been itchy on and off for a while I went to the doctor because I googled and found out itchy hands and feet can be a sign of liver failure in pregnancy. He basically said I only need to worry if it is constant, unbearable and I turn yellow. 
                    - Paranoia and google don't mix.

Awesome - Having a husband who will put shoes on my left foot, pick stuff off the floor and help me get up.
                 - Knowing that whenever baby is born from now on it is likely that he or she will survive with no lasting side effects, I feel I am able to fully embrace this baby now, and get very excited!
                - Finding out dried apricots can change the answer to the eternal question, 'to poo or not to poo' ( I think I'm funny) 
                - The excitement of family and friends is wonderful. I thought that I wouldn't want people touching my belly, but I really don't mind. - as long as I know them and they don't stroke, stroking is weird (mum take note).
                - people can no longer mistake my belly for oddly placed fat.
                - Everyone wants to talk to me! I have found most people to be encouraging, my favourite conversations are with older ladies who reminisce about their children.
                 - Seeing friends blessed with their babies and knowing ours will probably be next.
                 - Having a sister-in-law who gets just as excited about yoda hats as me :)


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