Thursday, 15 August 2013

The top ten things on my wish list for pregnancy and after...

1. This lovely changing bag from Jamie made me realise I needed to consider him in changing bag choices, (I was previously considering a Cath Kidston bag)  also because we are planning to use cloth nappies we are probably going to need quite a big changing bag! It looks large and versatile, you can wear it as a back pack too.

2. Another Watermelon, it was so lovely and refreshing!

3. Another pair of Pregnancy leggings from New Look They have been so comfortable and I wear them very regularly! I should probably have two pairs...

4. A heated airer, again because of re-usable nappies and general babyness we are going to have a lot more washing to dry. We have decided that a heated airer would suit our lifestyle better than a tumble dryer.

5. A breast feeding pillow, from what I hear breast feeding is not easy, so I figure things that make it easier would be a good idea! 
This one can be found here

6. The hungry caterpillar set from Tesco, it is just too cute!

7. Lots and lots of sleep

8. Someone to knit me a baby yoda hat!
you can buy the pattern here (hint massive hint)

9. Bio-oil because I'm pretty sure the stretch marks are just waiting to make a surprise appearance...

10. More time, it is just going too fast and I'm far to tired to consider looking after a baby yet. Also the baby room is a mess and has no curtains because some dufus decided to make some - and hasn't even found the material yet!

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