Friday, 9 August 2013

The top 6 Reasons why I am a terrible dinner date

1. I once fell asleep before the main course arrived - it was a week before our wedding and in my defence I was very tired! Jamie was not impressed, and thought half the restaurant were wondering if we were on a terrible first date.

2. I am a bad orderer, it takes me a long time to make a food decision, and I often change my mind at the last minute leading to many a food disaster.

3. Following on from bad ordering I get huge food envy, and have been known to request a dinner swap (I feel guilty even writing this!)

4. My favourite thing to do in a restaurant is watch the other diners, although this is very amusing for me, my date (Jamie naturally) is often left bored, confused and annoyed that my conversation is usually lacking.

5. On honeymoon I had a couple too many champagne cocktails in the hotel bar before we headed to the restaurant, I managed the 1st course quite well but the wine I had with it tipped me over the edge. A few mouthfuls in to the main course I announced that I had to go and lie down, I then promptly left. Leaving Jamie with two main meals, a nearly full bottle of wine and a couple of very confused waiters. He found me half an hour later asleep in our room.

6. Jamie tells me that whenever we have a sharing platter I eat the best things first then leave him a huge amount of the other stuff, and believe myself to be generous.

I realised just how bad a dinner date I am last night whilst lying awake ( my brain goes everywhere at 4am), so I have come up with a plan to improve myself... 

I think Lunch dates are the way forward, I'm less likely to fall asleep, it is less acceptable to drink champagne cocktails before lunch, it is often cheaper AND most places have a set lunch menu or at least a smaller menu so I have less choice.

I am very glad that Jamie and I started dating whilst we were broke 3rd years at university because by the time we could afford to go out for dinner I had reeled him in to my snare (I'm honestly not that creepy) and he believed me adorable regardless of my dining faults (& still does).

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