Friday, 1 November 2013

What a difference a baby makes...

Wow Babies are demanding!
 Fred is the most amazing little person, he makes the best noises and faces.

When Jamie went back to work, it was a bit of a shock for both of us. I tried not to wake Jamie at night and then quickly burnt out, loosing patience with Fred, Jamie and Myself. It has been a couple of weeks now though and we are slowly getting the hang of it. I know now when I need to wake Jamie for help, also some evenings Jamie looks after Fred while I get a head start on sleep.

We are getting the hang of the reusable nappies, we have had a couple of accidents and are using disposable at night for now. It makes me feel better to know that every reusable we use is one less nappy in land fill.

Fred eats A LOT; breast feeding is going really well, thank goodness, the only issue is that he sometimes uses me a bit like a dummy, and can feed for hours at a time. Google tells me that this is because he is going through a growth spurt. He is certainly growing very quickly, he is already in the next size up in baby grows.

I'm recovering well from my C-Section. The scar is healing really well, it currently looks like someone has drawn on my with a red biro, it is also very low down; I could still wear a bikini and no one would see it. I have lost a lot of the baby weight already, I put that completely down to breast feeding. It makes me really hungry and thirsty!

My favourite thing about  Fred is the cuddles when he is falling asleep. 
he smells great, even though we don't bath him that often! 

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  1. A lovely post Emily - it's great to hear how you are all doing - love - G