Monday, 4 November 2013

It takes a whole village...

Having Fred has helped to further my understanding of community and its importance. As well as our family and our friends we have an extended family, our church family.

The day before I was induced some of the women of the church got together to bless me with another awesome baby shower. This baby shower was really quite poignant because I felt so loved and accepted by the church family, and the excitement of welcoming the new baby in to the church was almost palpable.

I had a lovely afternoon, eating cake, sharing pregnancy stories and opening mountains of presents!

Since giving birth Jamie, Fred and I have been extremely blessed to have our main meals provided for us for 4 whole weeks, the first week my house group took the reins then our church family took over for the subsequent 3 weeks. It has been wonderful not to have to worry about meal planning and food shopping. 

Frankly some days I don't know how I would have eaten without this wonderful version of meals on wheels.

Even though our family all live over 200 miles away, we have a great network of friends and church family that already actively support us and even more importantly love Fred to bits. We have managed to get to church for the last two weeks, the best thing is seeing the joy a baby can bring to people of all ages. I am so thankful for this community and I hope I can be a blessing to them also.

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