Friday, 22 November 2013

Photos from my phone

I received this beautiful blanket in the post. It was made for Fred my lovely friend Kayleigh, I absolutely love it and I'm sure Fred will too!

I had a lovely day out and managed to have my hair cut, all thanks to my friends Abbie and Jen who helped look after Fred.

To cheer me up last week, when Fred and I were both ill, my mum sent me a little card of flowers. So cute and a really nice idea!

Cute, I am. Hmmmm!
I'm still trying to get a good photo of him in his Yoda hat, kindly knitted by his ultra talented Aunty Vicky.

Fred is now a member of the library. He is well on his way to being a genius :)

The return of 'photos from my phone' shows that I have been getting out more, until recently all of the photos on my phone have been of Fred. 

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