Wednesday, 27 November 2013


I don't remember any of my Grandparents, my Mum's Mum was my last living Grandparent, but my memories of her are very hazy and possibly based on photographs. 

I have always hoped it would be different for my own children. At some point during my teenage years I tried to make my Dad promise not to die until he had met all of my children (I have no idea how many I imagined having). My Dads age worried me, and I had grown up with my niece's and nephews having more grandparents then they could ever wish for. I wanted my children to have a similar experience and relationship with their Grandparents as my nieces and nephews have had.

Well it seems that wish of mine has been granted. Fred has four very doting Grandparents :)

Jamie's parents came to visit a week after Fred was born, they helped with the upkeep of the house and spent much time cooing over our beautiful little boy.

I am surprised by the strength of feeling on the side of the grandparents. I hope she won't mind me sharing, but a couple of times during my pregnancy Marion, Jamie's Mum, told me she hated children and it was a miracle her children survived. I have since realised that this was a little tongue in cheek; but as a hormonal and irrational pregnant person, I worried she would find Fred a nuisance and not want to spend time with him. 

It turns out she is completely in love with Fred and a very proud Gran who is excited about shopping for Fred's Christmas presents.

My parents visited a couple of weeks later when I had myself more together so we were able to go out and do things together. We still took it easy with many relaxing afternoons. Fred spent many hours draped over my Dad's belly, it seems it is the perfect shape for sleeping babies.

My Mum threatened to take Fred home a few times. I don't blame her, he is a cutie.

 Unfortunately both sets of Grandparents live many miles away, and even though we have always made a concerted effort to visit and contact our parents regularly, it is hard on them and us that they are so far away. Having Fred has highlighted this, because he changes so much even day to day. I feel bad that they are missing out and will only get to see him a few times a year. 

One thing that has and will greatly help is Skype. We used to talk about many things over skype, now it has turned in to the Fred show :). My Mum tells me off if she cant see him.

I love it, and so do they.

We will be visiting both families over Christmas. Something Jamie and I are really looking forward to. It will be wonderful to see Fred interacting with our families.

If you have any advice about maintaining a healthy long distance grandparent- grandchild relationship I would be grateful for your input.

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