Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Chirk with the ladies

This weekend Myself, Luci, Rachel, Jen and Abbie had a weekend away in Chirk.
We stayed in Newhall a beautiful house owned by a lovely guy called Mark who we know through Church.

I took this photo of Newhall at about 6am Sunday morning. It was beautiful.

The weekend was about relaxing, laughing, baking, encouraging and drawing close to God.

 Rachel (or Shanners as we call her) made some awesome pancakes for breakfast on saturday. This was our digesting phase of the morning.

We walked to Chirk Castle and after having a look around the house we wandered around the garden and stopped for a photo shoot.

 I mentioned that we encourage each other, well we also like presents...

We bought presents for each other and wrapped up a huge pass the parcel. 
Abbie organised for each layer to contain a promise from God.
Needless to say it was really fun.
This is Jen, she is beautiful.

We also had a bake off, watched a film, chatted lots, ate really good food and saw lots of really cute new born lambs. 
Somehow I didn't take many photos, but you have to believe me the cakes were awesome!

I absolutely love spending time with these ladies they are all so special and have enriched my life greatly since I joined the house group nearly 4 years ago.

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