Thursday, 29 March 2012

Parental problems

Today was my last day at work for two weeks! 
It cannot have come at a better time as i seem to have developed a wrist problem which according to one of the in house physios may be due to typing too much in a bad way at work (ahem please pretend I am not typing). 
So he has charged me to rest my wrist for the duration of my annual leave, which is all very well, but that means no knitting and no typing! (I have decided a little bit of typing can't be too bad especially as I am holding my wrist in a different position using my laptop to how I hold my wrist at work)

Any way back to the post title. During the next two weeks a few things are happening. We will be going to spring harvest for 5 days, and both sets of parentals will be visiting. Now please don't get me wrong (especially any of the a fore mentioned parentals reading this!) All of these things are good and in many ways exciting. 

But they all also give me a little dread. All for the same reason, I have decided to call it 
sleep anxiety

As many of my friends and family know last year I suffered a horrendous prolonged bout of insomnia. It was horrendous I am not exaggerating. I can't really remember a whole month apart from a blur of exhaustion and distress. Eventually I reached breaking point and I went to the doctor. She was AMAZING especially considering I cried at her for about an hour just repeating the words, 'I'm too tired'. She gave me some amazing sleeping pills just to let my body have a rest and then referred me to a cognitive behavioural therapist because she concluded that I was too wound up and anxious to sleep.

Anyway to cut a long story short I still have sleepless nights, but thankfully they are less frequent and so far haven't lasted for more than a few nights since. But I am left with my Sleep Anxiety- It is a fear that if my sleeping routine is altered I won't sleep.

To go to spring harvest requires me to sleep in a building I don't know in a bed  don't know, I have already convinced my self I won't sleep for at least the first night.
For our parents to visit in any comfort we give them our bed, and sleep on a blow up in the spare room. This means that my sleep will be disturbed. (My cognitive behavioural therapist would tell me off ALOT for thinking this way but, right now it is how I feel.) Which in turn means I will most probably be grumpy and a little unsociable for both parents visits. This is not ideal.

We don't get to see our parents that often as the live on the south cost and we live in't north.

So to rectify this I have a plan. We have less than two days to implement it before Jamie's parents arrive. And Jamie doesn't seem too enthused. But the plan is to make our now dumping/washing/gettingreadyinthemorning room in to a 'proper' guest bedroom! (with a double bed and everything)

To make things more difficult we have no budget... But we do have two useless single beds that we could improvise with.

 I can't believe I am going to show you this but right now our 'spare room' looks like this...

Yes it is a massive mess and does not even resemble an inviting spare bedroom. It is going to take quite a lot of work and some imaginative thinking but the hope is I will be able to show you pictures of our new spare bedroom before Saturday evening. If I can it will make a big difference both to me and those who have to spend time with me!

So in conclusion the parentals aren't actually the problem it is the moving bedrooms that is, which at the moment I associate with them. But that is going to change -Watch this space.

Sorry for the ultra long post, I just needed to unload.


  1. I love you Emily. You know why...? A) Because you love a good rant to feel better, B) You think that your "guest room" is a mess and C) BECAUSE YOU'RE YOU! Have a lovely two weeks off work. Make sure you rest up and enjoy yourself...and when I say this, don't worry yourself into thinking "oh, i must rest" because yeah, that won't help. Big hugs to you both from Hastings town xxx

  2. Let me know if you need a hand moving stuff, or anything useful like that.

    1. Thankyou gareth that is lovely and we mayhave to take you up on the offer at somepoint on saturday if you are free?