Thursday, 5 September 2013

A pre-baby trip to Bruges

When we found out we were going to have a baby we knew straight away that we wanted to have another little explore before he or she arrived. I proposed Paris (as I still haven't been there) but the only time we had available to us for travelling was late August and Jamie had already calculated that I would be heavily pregnant and most likely quite tired. Paris was quickly struck off the list because it would involve too much walking which means it is a city that is not good for pregnant people (or so Jamie argued).
 I canvassed opinions at work and from family, and many people recommended Bruges for its stunning architecture, chocolate, beer and its relative small size.
 So we settled on Bruges, still an easily reachable city by eurostar that had character and was somewhere new for us to explore- even at a slower pace.

It turns out they were right Bruges was lovely, the chocolates delicious and the beer many and varied - a theory Jamie readily tried out.

Our B and B was a barge, it was just out side the centre of the city and exactly what we wanted, I could even feed the ducks from our breakfast table!

Swans are the official bird of Bruges, there are hundreds all in one area.

One day a huge market popped up selling everything from sausages to sunflowers

Bruges is often referred to as "The Venice of the North" I'm not sure it is an accurate description, but it does have canals...

Nearly everyone we met in Bruges was either a tourist or working with tourists. The tour guide below spoke 5 different languages during one tour, it was really impressive!

The view from the roof of the Halve Mann Brewery, Jamie went on a tour while I rested and people watched.

The food we had wasn't brilliant, we learnt quickly to avoid the tourist traps in the big market squares, they were over priced and the waiters were extremely rude. On our last day we nailed it in a low key salad restaurant that served AMAZING food and our waiters were relaxed and friendly. It was called Salad Folle if you every find yourself in Bruges looking for somewhere nice to eat!

I can Highly recommend Bruges if you like wandering around old cities, finding hidden alleyways and taking photos of beautiful buildings :)

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